Precision engineering/CNC machining

From prototyping to production, Quick Machining Solutions has the answer to your manufacturing needs. Our fully networked workshop is linked to our central database which is backed up to a cloud system daily giving ultimate protection and efficiency. Drawings can be accepted in all digital formats and machined from these, eliminating human error. Continuous investment in education and new technology mean your product would be manufactured in the most efficient manner. We have a wide range of CNC machine tools from multi axis lathes to high speed machining centres with different size machines suited for parts from 1mm to 1m plus.

From engineering plastics including peek, aluminium, stainless steels, inconel, nickel alloys and everything in between, we have the expertise and experience of what can be achieved. Having had years of experience cutting all types of materials, we can remove material at the optimum speed, resulting in a cheaper product.

All processes are recorded and maintained by our MRP system.

Quick Machining Solutions Doosan Lynx

Surface finishing and treatments

The complete manufacturing service.

Quick Machining Solutions offers the complete range of pre and post machining treatments, to be your turnkey supplier.

 We have an established network of specialist subcontract surface finishing companies, we have built a strong relationship with our approved suppliers who deliver excellent standards all monitored and delivered by our Quality Management System. 

Pre & post machining treatments

  • Anodising, including hard, colour, clear and ptfe inpregnate
  • Surtec 650 and Iridite NCP
  • Alocrom
  • Passivation
  • Painting and powder coating
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Blasting and surface preparation
  • Heat treatments
  • Polishing
  • Grinding
  • Inserts and standoffs
  • Welding, bending and fabrication
  • Copper, electroless nickel, gold, silver and tin plating
  • Identification, engraving and laser etching

All products can be supplied fully compliant to the RoHS Directive.

Quick Machining Solutions Part
Quick Machining Solutions DynaStick
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We can supply finished assemblies from our own procedures or following customer’s instructions. From inserts and helicoils to mechanical assembly we are your turnkey supplier for your requirements.

Components sourcing from our approved suppliers and stage inspection would be closely monitored by our QMS and recorded on our MRP system.

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We have a wide range of calibrated equipment and gauges. Our cleanroom includes, aberlink CNC CMM, Tesa microprocessor automatic height gauge, Mitutoyo digimatic height gauge, trimos height gauge and a mitutoyo ph3500 shadow graph with computer data processing unit.

All stage inspections and final inspections are controlled and recorded by our MRP system.
We can also produce First Article Inspection Reports to ensure that our products have verified accurately.

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Project management

Through our factory and extensive supply chain we are able to deliver a complete project, offering not only precision engineering but also procurement and supplier management, with full traceability through the entire process.

Customers are increasingly looking for companies that can offer solutions for all their needs. QMS offer the benefit of solving production manufacturing issues for their customers and taking responsibility for delivering to expectation.

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Stores and dispatch

Quick machining solutions hold strategic stocks of raw materials and finished products to ensure an effective response to meet our customer demands.

We can supply scheduled deliveries, call off, JIT and Kanban to customers demands. We understand the industry and the need to expedite orders if needed for an extra quick turnaround.

The complete manufacturing service

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Quick Machining Complete Service Banner

Quick Machining Solutions provide a one-stop-shop for your manufacturing needs.
From start to finish, we provide a friendly no-nonsense service.